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All-New All-Nighter News

Update on the all-nighter: it WON'T be 10th-11th March midday to midday; the new plan is to run it 7pm Friday 9th March 'til 4pm Saturday 10th March.
This is because it would cost over £900 to run it midday to midday saturday to sunday!
Once I've submitted the event booking form again and heard back from the relevant people at the guild, I'll let you know it this will indeed be the finalised time and date.
Thank you for your patience! ^_^

All-Nighter (and more)

Update eclusive to LJ, 'cos it's not quite news yet but I feel like sharing it with you guys (why yes, my essay's going swimmingly, thanks for asking ^_^;;).
I've handed in all the forms; the Base said it would be fine, the Premises Manager was a little more dubious (since the Guild doesn't "do" twenty-four-hour events anymore), but said to chek back with her on Friday. We'll have to pay for two security guards, since one person can't man the desk for 24 hours solid, so costs are looking quite high- I'll get an exact figure on Friday, and then go over the costs with tiny_mintdragon (Laura the Treasurer). Rest assured, as long as the Guild can find the staff, we will be holding the all-nighter, and it won't bankrupt next year's committee; we just might not be able to get many more books for the manga library or anything.
The dates I'm asking for are March 10th-11th, midday to midday, but remember that this is provisional, and may be subject to change. It should be fixed on Friday though; I'll update here again to let you know!

I mentioned the manga library- if you have any requests for series for us to start collecting, or for us to get more volumes of, please feel free to post them here!
Suggestions for showcases for this term are also welcome; if there's a show you particularly want to introduce the society to, just comment or post away and let us know!

New Term

First screening will be: Friday 26th January, the first Friday after exams.
Usual place, usual time- International Lounge, 7pm 'til something-past-10pm! (And then to the AJs.)

The series that will be shown on the 26th, to be voted on by you guys to decide which will be shown regularly at screenings this term, will be (complete with descriptions):

Gintama, a humourous Samurai/rebellion/evil-alien-empire show. Gintoki, the main character, runs an odd jobs service (ie, taking any job that they can get), whilst being the last Samurai around in a time when the Samurai have been banned- by the aliens. Other main characters include Shinpachi, Gintoki's sidekick for whom things never go right; Kagura, a girl not originally from Earth who's super-strong and has an appetite to match; and Sadaharu, Kagura's giant pet dog!

Innocent Venus, a mecha show about two rebel mecha pilots working to keep a little girl out of the hands of the Big Bad Guys, because anything Big Bad Guys want with Innocent Little Girls can never be something good...

Muteki Kanban Musume, aka Noodle Fighter Miki or Ramen Fighter Miki, another comedy, this one about the trouble-maker daughter of a woman who runs a ramen (noodle) cafe, who graduated high-school and is now working for her mother, mostly delivering takeaways; except she keeps getting distracted and getting into fights. Better than I make it sound, and very funny.

Black Lagoon, an action show set on a modern pirate ship of sorts, about a normal business man (dubbed "Rock" early on by the pirates) who's taken hostage on the ship on the suggestion of Revy, the only female member of the crew and one of the most kickass female anime characters there is, according to popular opinion.

Pumpkin Scissors, a post-apocalyptic show of sorts, centred around the "Pumpkin Scissors" war relief unit of the army in the aftermath of a big war. Main characters are Alice, the captain of the unit, and Orlando, a giant of a man who was an Anti-Tank Trooper in the war.

Code Geass, a mecha show with a main character- Lelouch- who's given the ability to give an order to any person or group of people he can see directly that they will automatically obey without any choice in the matter. He's a Britannian who has sworn to defeat the Empire of Britannia after it conquered Japan and renamed it "Area 11", taking away all the rights of the Japanese/"11s"; since he had a Japanese friend whom he was visiting at the time of the conquest.

Also on the voting slips will be School Rumble and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni from last term, as both are 26 episode series.

(Update re: workshops and socials soon (ish).)
Belated announcement of the regular shows for this term:
School Rumble (season 1)
Coyote Ragtime Show
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
and Damekko Doubutsu

Suggestions for showcases, or films for the movie-nights, are welcome here. Poll will be posted on the official forum tonight with the movie choices for the first movie night (Nov 6th).

Feel free to actually use this community people! ^_^
Sorry; should've posted this a while ago!
without further adoCollapse )
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi, to use the Japanese order of her name, is determined to find aliens, time-travels, ESPers [psychics], sliders, or other beings of that ilk, and make friends with them. Kyon, the boy who sits in front of her in class, gets dragged into her scheme when he accidentally gives her the idea to form her own school club to achieve her goal)

Damekko Doubutsu (translates as "useless animals", ten minute episodes which will be shown during breaks; the main character is a "useless" wolf- timid and apologetic- and the first character he meets is a rabbit who insists he's very much a rabbit- whilst smoking a cigarette and having just beaten up the wolf)

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (freaky, creepy, insane show that this is, it never quite seems to go far enough to make me stop watching it! Keichii and his parents move to the tiny rural town of Hinamizawa, where everything seems quite idyllic, until Keichii accidentally discovers that five years ago the residents fought off a project to build a dam that would flood the town, and someone involved in the dam construction project was killed on the night of the town's festival- and every year since, someone has died and another person "disappeared" the same night. The focus changes between Keichii, several of his classmates [individually], and some episodes are set in the past)

Air Gear (roller-skates with engines, called Air Treks [ATs], are the quite-new-ish big thing among teenagers, and not only let you go at high speeds, but you can jump so high and far it's almost like flying. When Ikki, head of the Higachuu Junior High School gang, gets beaten up by a gang on ATs, he decides to get his own pair to get revenge and restore his street cred. Soon Ikki is trying to get his own "Storm Rider" [AT-using] team together, and loving the feeling of 'finding his wings')

Spiral (mystery and riddles and secret organisations, and [predominantly] sane main characters in a big city; a missing older brother, sudden murders, bombs, a famous piano player and a high-school journalist)

Zegapain (mecha, a virtual world, questionable immortality, post-apocalyptic battles for the remnants of Earth vs a mostly ordinary school life with the swim club and the filming society)

Ergo Proxy (Set in a city in the future where humans and intelligent androids co-exist under the rule of an authoritarian government. The main character, Real Mayer, works for the Citizen's Information Bureau, a branch of crime investigation, and encounters high-level opposition to her investigation when she stumbles across evidence that neither humans nor androids are responsible for the recent wave of murders. Meanwhile, androids have been becoming mysteriously infected with a 'virus' called "cogito" and attacking people, but maybe it isn't the wholly destructive disease the media has been making it out to be...

Coyote Ragtime Show (Mister is a "coyote", a space-outlaw, who has been sitting in prison for a year for a traffic offence. He breaks out with the help of his old partners Bishop and Katana, then seeks out Franka, who has been left in his care by her dead father, and takes her on a journey to find her father's treasure. On their heels are the federal investigators Angelica and Chelsea as well as the android assassins of the Criminal Guild, Madame Marciano's Twelve Sisters).

7th Jul, 2006

Short-list of potential regular-slot animes (still unfinalised)

Ergo Proxy: Read more...Collapse )

Spiral: Lines/Bond of Reasoning: Read more...Collapse )

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (aka Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu): Read more...Collapse )

Air Gear: Read more...Collapse )

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Read more...Collapse )

and Damekko Doubutsu (10-minute-long episodes): Read more...Collapse )

Anime OSTs/OPs/EDs

Right... I'm going to endeavour to make a complete list of all the anime/game music that I have. The ultimate goal being that, if anyone is after a particular tune or OST (Official SoundTrack), all they have to do is supply me with a blank CD and I'll copy it for ya - either that or gimme something in exchange like anime or a music CD yourself ^^; Off we go! Ugh, yeah, better cut this too.

Anime OSTsCollapse )

Game OSTsCollapse )

Live Action Musical OSTsCollapse )

J-Pop/J-Rock Complete AlbumsCollapse )
angela - PRhythm
Ali Project - deja vu - The Original Best 1992-1995

Anime OPs/EDsCollapse )

I'm sure I had way more than that... Oo; Maybe I'm missing some CDs here and there, not to mention stuff I've downloaded but haven't gotten around to adding to my WMP playlists yet. Oh yeah, it goes without saying that if I have the first OST of a series then I'll have the OPs and EDs for that series as well. With the exception of Yakitake!! Japan, which I'm still currently collecting the OPs and EDs for, I have the OP/ED for every anime shown by LAS this year.

Later on I will be adding:
J-Rock/J-Pop miscellaneous songs

*cuts red tape*

Erm, guys? Open posting. Just to, you know, remind you. On the off-chance you check back here. ^^;
Don't let it die! It has barely begun to live!
Post something! Anything! Real life stories, stories you've written (original fiction, fanfiction, somewhere in between...), pictures you've taken or drawn or found online, vids you've made... anything! Links to websites, other LJ communities.
You want rules? Okay, rules! Anything that shrinks the scroll-bar in the "entry" box too far requires an LJ-cut. Also, anything "not worksafe"- ie, anything your boss or the person walking past you in the library might consider "explicit material" for any reason, or otherwise unsuitable for reading/viewing in a supposed work environment even on your break- belongs behind a cut too. Please provide a basic description of what you're posting behind a cut- you know the drill I'm sure sure; what the picture is of or what the story/ rant/ rave/ review/ essay/ poem/ song lyric etc is about, any warnings or intended audience, any disclaimers that are necessary or thanks to be made etc, etc.

That's all I can think of to say right now. Just... it's your playground. Have fun, and no bullying!

LAS Officers 2006-7

President = me.
Treasurer = Laura.
Secretary = Marianne.
Events Organiser = Maya.
Assistant Secretary/General Assistant = Adam.

There are no other officers in LAS, though Kaneen (neen11) and Fi (fallen_truth) will be in charge of the Fangirl Faction (Next Generation).