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Posted from a post that I posted on the liverpool anime society forums. LAS lives here..
~*Parapara Demonstration/Practise and Gal Fashion Showcase*~

Hey Gals and Guys!

I had no idea where else this was supposed to go so I'm posting it here! Please move it if it's needed!


Prior to the Parapara event I will be giving a short slideshow on the current "gal" movement in Japan, from it's history and origins right down to the latest subcultures, fashions and trends. The showcase will be complete with models for a first hand look at what gal fashion includes. Also I will be giving a tutorial on Gal make up.

~*For those of you who would like to wear Gal(for the girls)/gyaru-o(for the guys) clothing you are always more then welcome. Anyone who would like to model clothes or make up also please get in touch!*~


During the All-nighter at a time yet to be confirmed I'll be giving a short one-man demonstration on the dance that all of cool, young Japan is doing, the Parapara.

Parapara description here..

The dances are all song specific and to a beginner can look quite daunting, but I assure you that once you've mastered a few steps then it's nowhere near as difficult as it looks!

After this I'll be giving everyone who's interested the opportunity to learn a new dance routine for themselves! Please don't panic, the routines will be as basic as and I'll make sure to stop and go over any questions you might have.

That's all the information I have right now! I will keep you all updated and please get in touch if you have any questions, comments and suggestions!

Love! xxx

This will also be posted on my Spacebook and Myface!


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