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post-exam Modo booked!

Your new committee have booked a Modo for 8pm-midnight on 22nd May to celebrate the end of exams and LAS surviving another year! Be there or be square, or something!


Posted from a post that I posted on the liverpool anime society forums. LAS lives here..
~*Parapara Demonstration/Practise and Gal Fashion Showcase*~

Hey Gals and Guys!

I had no idea where else this was supposed to go so I'm posting it here! Please move it if it's needed!


Prior to the Parapara event I will be giving a short slideshow on the current "gal" movement in Japan, from it's history and origins right down to the latest subcultures, fashions and trends. The showcase will be complete with models for a first hand look at what gal fashion includes. Also I will be giving a tutorial on Gal make up.

~*For those of you who would like to wear Gal(for the girls)/gyaru-o(for the guys) clothing you are always more then welcome. Anyone who would like to model clothes or make up also please get in touch!*~


During the All-nighter at a time yet to be confirmed I'll be giving a short one-man demonstration on the dance that all of cool, young Japan is doing, the Parapara.

Parapara description here..

The dances are all song specific and to a beginner can look quite daunting, but I assure you that once you've mastered a few steps then it's nowhere near as difficult as it looks!

After this I'll be giving everyone who's interested the opportunity to learn a new dance routine for themselves! Please don't panic, the routines will be as basic as and I'll make sure to stop and go over any questions you might have.

That's all the information I have right now! I will keep you all updated and please get in touch if you have any questions, comments and suggestions!

Love! xxx

This will also be posted on my Spacebook and Myface!
Here's your chance! This is the post where you can rave about any of the new (or old!) anime you've seen that you really think deserves a regular spot on the LAS Friday screening schedule (remember that one old series is up for voting each year- Full Metal Panic was shown in 2005-6, and Spiral was rejected in the voting in 2006-7). Also, if there's a new show you've seen that you think is terrible, warn us here and make us think twice about about choosing it as a showcase!

[selling] anime goods and other stuff

Yo, my ex-minions of LAS. Former president Becci here, announcing her leaving the country to go live in our spiritual home; Japan. Of course, I have faaaaaar too much stuff here to take with me, so I'm selling stuff. Lots of stuff. Go check it out and help me buy tickets to TeniMyu not be poor in Japan.

Selling stuff, including DVDs, manga and miscellany!

Yeah, I'm sorry I'm spamming the hell out of the people on my flist. I apologise ^^;;

Kaneen's Summer Fanfiction Competition

(copied from the forum at Kaneen's request ^_^)

Screenings are over for the year so heres something to help fill the time between now and September, a fanfiction competition for which the prize will be a free screenings card for the first semester.
For those who don't know what fanfiction is heres a link- though basically it's stories written by fans based on characters and/or settings from already existing works (ie anime, books, tv programs etc).

-Your story MUST be based on a series that has been shown this year during the LAS screenings. For a quick recap these are -
Coyote Ragtime Show
School Rumble
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Innocent Venus
Black Lagoon
Code Geass

-Make have the appropriate warnings AND that includes spoilers.
-Gen, Het, Yaoi and Yuri are all accepted
-To submit your entry just post it to this community, using LJ-cuts appropriately
-The closing date is September 20th. The winner will be decided by a Poll on the LAS forum and announced at the first screening.

Feel free to comment on this post with any questions, and Good Luck!

LAS Website

The website is down, due to the Guild scrapping the server to replace it with the LGOS one, but the forum is still fine. liverpoolanime.tk, as most of you have probably discovered, points to nowhere for now, thus I'm posting the direct link to the forum here:
We're going to sort things out with the LAS mini-site on LGOS asap, but for now the future of the liverpoolanime.tk forwarder is unsure. Your thoughts on the matter would be welcome if you have any!


B DAY plans

Well Hope there alot of people who know about this LJ page.

I have been try to get on the las froum for the last couple of days how and my have know luck. So thougth I may as well post my plans for my Bday here instad. Me and Nat well be goin to the 6.40 screenin of F4 at the fact (why so late you ack nat has start a new job and can only get back into town after 6 pm) So if people are still comin meet me in the fact around about 6.20 (I well be bookin tickle for me and nat so think yous should do the sime) We well so be goin for food aftewrads as well if place are still sravin. So tell everyone you see about the plans :)

See yous all then


New Officers and Society Hiatus

The AGM was a little while ago, and the results were as follows:
I'm your president for another year,
Kaneen is your new Secretary,
Lora is your new Treasurer,
and Emma is your new Secondary Officer.

The Society won't be meeting again until September, but there will be social events organised for next term, which will be posted here as well as on the forum.
Tuesday 27th Feb is an extra Cosplay workshop
Friday 2nd March is normal screening
Tuesday 6th is final cosplay workshop
Thursday 8th is Modos
Friday 9th- Saturday 10th is the all-nighter.

(yes, we're trying to kill you all by having a Modo's directly before the All-Nighter! XD)

The Voting, and the Next Two Weeks

In first place was Gintama, with 23 votes.
In second place was Innocent Venus, with 19 votes.
In third place was Black Lagoon, with 18 votes.
And joint fourth were Code Geass and Higurashi, with 17 votes each!
(Next was Pumpkin Scissors, with 16 votes, then School Rumble, with 13, and then Muteki Kanban Musume, with 12.)

So, we need your help over on the forum to decide between Code Geass and Higurashi. The thread with the poll to do so is here: http://z7.invisionfree.com/LAS_forum/index.php?showtopic=1275
The poll will close on Thursday 1st Feb at 5pm.

Monday 29th January is the first Manga Workshop of term- yes, I forgot to announce it at the screening, I'm sorry >_<. That will run 7:30-9:30pm in the Training Room, which is the room next door to the International Lounge where we hold the weekly screenings.

Monday 5th February is the first Film Night of term, the poll for which is here: http://z7.invisionfree.com/LAS_forum/index.php?showtopic=1270
The poll will close on Sunday 4th Feb at 5pm.

Tuesday 6th February is the first Cosplay Workshop of term- the official society sewing machine will be there, and available for you to use; and there will also be lots of needles and thread so you can hand-stitch too! That will also be running 7:30-9:30pm in the Training Room. Hope to see lots of you there!